Two Days in Vienna

We drove to Vienna for many reasons, my Mama had work to finish, and we needed to pick up a car so we could drive around, but we didn’t expect to stay as long as we did, which was still only two days, but it was longer than expected.  When we arrived in Vienna, weContinue reading “Two Days in Vienna”

A Day at Schönbrunn Zoo

Hey!I wrote the first half-ish of this post a little while ago, and I didn’t write yesterdays post because I cycled ALL of yesterday, and because I didn’t do much today, I’ll wrote a quick summary of today and write tomorrow in more detail 🙂I went to the zoo after breakfast today, and I alsoContinue reading “A Day at Schönbrunn Zoo”

Day 1

Hello! Like I had said I would, here’s my post for today : Today was the first (full) day that I’m spending in Vienna, because yesterday we only landed in the afternoon I woke up at around 8-ish today, and went to eat breakfast almost immediately, because my mum had too leave for work atContinue reading “Day 1”


Hi! So again I’m here apologising for my lack of blog posts for the past couple months, I’ve been super lazy about it and I had exams as well (which is no excuse because i only had exams for the last week of May), but I’m here to write them now, from my hotel, in theContinue reading “Prologue”

House Prefect.

Hey! So, I think I may have meant to mention this in my last post, but didn’t end up actually doing it. I guess I’m saying that I ran for prefect in my school. House prefect I don’t exactly understand the reason for this post either, but… ya.  I’ll put my poster and the videoContinue reading “House Prefect.”

Hello 2022

So. Last year, when I was in 5th grade, we learned about blogging, and we used to have these guest speaker sessions every week, so my teacher asked me to be the guest speaker for the blogging session! I was talking to my own classmates that time but this time she asked me to beContinue reading “Hello 2022”


Happy New Year’s Eve and Merry (Late) Christmas! The last time I put out a post like this, I spoke about what I thought about that year. This time, I’m basically going to be doing the same thing.  The year started off amazing. I knew I would be hanging out in Chandigarh for a while,Continue reading “2021”

Chapter 1. Dad?

Hi, just so you know for the beginning, anything in italic is me speaking, the rest is the story and, just so you know whats happening, I’m posting this story, its chapter one, and I want to post one every week, but I have to start studying for my exams now…. Im still going toContinue reading “Chapter 1. Dad?”


Ok so random update on my life types. I’m writing a story. That I will be posting chapter by chapter, hopefully consistently but probably not. New post soon. I’m in Bombay, have been for a while. Happy almost Diwali! Just have a good week I guess.

What If… Ultron won?

WHAT WAS THIS EPISODE?!?!? WE WERE WRONG, MAYBE? KINDA? HUH? That episode was awesome! They brought us both characters! Maybe even the third! TRIPLE EPISODE?  We weren’t all wrong. Except maybe? I don’t even know dude. There were some theories that were correct, like the one where the Vision travels through timelines. But this episodeContinue reading “What If… Ultron won?”


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