What If… Ultron won?

WHAT WAS THIS EPISODE?!?!? WE WERE WRONG, MAYBE? KINDA? HUH? That episode was awesome! They brought us both characters! Maybe even the third! TRIPLE EPISODE?  We weren’t all wrong. Except maybe? I don’t even know dude. There were some theories that were correct, like the one where the Vision travels through timelines. But this episodeContinue reading “What If… Ultron won?”

What If… Zombies

Hey guys. I’m sorry for not writing last week, will explain in upcoming post soon, but for now…enjoy! This episode was by far the craziest, not that I understood much, but have you noticed that the watcher is becoming more and more human? Yeah……. The episode started off with Bruce Banner coming down to anContinue reading “What If… Zombies”

Captain Carter : WHAT IF

So I really like marvel right? And the new series that’s come out, WHAT IF is pretty cool so I decided to review each episode as they come out. (Spoliers alert) I like how the episode started. The narrator seems really cool and mysterious and then when the explosion happens, and Steve isn’t able toContinue reading “Captain Carter : WHAT IF”

Update post

Hi. Um posting a new post tomorrow, should be out around eight thirty types, I’m writing this to say that, I will be posting every Sunday from now on and will try not to fail!!! Have a good Independence Day and Bubye P.S – This will only apply to the What If series, because ifContinue reading “Update post”

First days of school

Hellooo! I just started sixth grade on Thursday and I was honestly quite surprised at just how many changes there were. Firstly, my school timings were a bit longer, maybe by about an hour or so? Which would be normal in physical school but considerably longer compared to online school. Secondly, we have a fewContinue reading “First days of school”

Small Actions Big Changes

This is a video I made to help promote life on land the sustainable development goal. Please help me work towards helping to save life on land. Click here to learn more about the global goals.

My Christmas Holidays.

Hiiiiiiiiiiii, my christmas holidays ended today and school starts tomorrow, I’ve written this blog post about my christmas holidays. Please start reading now, PLEASE! The first couple days before my mom came I was really excited about her coming, but I was also busy with a lot of other stuff. Me and my friend Tania,Continue reading “My Christmas Holidays.”

2020 as a whole

2020 was very interesting. I had happy moments, sad moments but most of all I got to spend time with my family. I’ve been in Chandigarh for roughly 8 months, a much longer time than I’ve ever spent here. We drove to Chandigarh, and I wrote a blog post on the entire journey and aContinue reading “2020 as a whole”

Carrot cake

Hi again. Today I’m going to give you guys a recipe that was in a book called The Wholesome Kitchen by Pooja Dhingra who is a pastry chef in Bombay( she makes awesome macarons). I got the book for Diwali from my friend Radhika who also loved the book. I’ve been meaning to make aContinue reading “Carrot cake”

A bicycle ride

The other day my dada took me for a bicycle ride from a place called Kansal enclave to a place to sector eight, we went through a road where there were many trees and it was a lot greener than the rest of Chandigarh, and on one path we even saw monkeys! There were aContinue reading “A bicycle ride”

Untitled Story………

Ummm this is just another story. It’s about two girls and it’s not very long just about six chapters but I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you like it! Chapter 1 “Annabeth! Wait up!” Annabeth turned to see who the voice belonged to,and almost broke her nose, she jumped out of the way ofContinue reading “Untitled Story………”


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